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    Frequently asked questions

    While I am sedated, will I be able to hear, feel or see anything?2018-07-06T07:43:09+00:00

    You will be able to hear things as verbal contact must be maintained – as per the GDC definition of conscious sedation. We may ask you simple questions or to take a deep breath, you will respond but you will not remember this or be aware of what is occurring. You may not be able to see anything as we cover your eyes with a mask and patients frequently feel so relaxed that they fall asleep during treatment. Your mouth is numbed as usual but you will not be able to recall this happening and the dental treatment will proceed while your teeth and gums are completely numb so that you won’t be able to feel anything.

    How long will recovery take?2018-07-06T07:43:53+00:00

    This depends largely on the amount of sedation, the amount of dental work that you have received and your metabolism. Typically most patients who come in for sedation are in surgery for 20-40 minutes and then go through to our recovery room for 10-15 minutes where you will be supervised by a trained nurse who will give you and your chaperone the postoperative instructions.
    For patients having treatment completed with LA, it only takes a few minutes to lose feeling in the area and full sensation should return in a few hours when the medication wears off.

    Do you have a car park?2018-07-06T07:45:15+00:00

    Unfortunately we do not have a designated car park. However there are 1 hour marked parking bays on the main road and side roads around the clinic. For further details please contact the surgery.

    Chartwell Dental Sedation and Implant Clinic

    194 Watford Road
    Croxley Green WD3 3DB
    Phone: 01923 244133

    Could you tell me when my appointment is? Can you text me a reminder?2018-07-06T07:39:08+00:00

    If you would like to know when your appointment is please call the surgery, where one of our friendly receptionists will be able to advise you.
    Unfortunately we do not have the facility to send text message reminders for appointments. We will endeavour to call all patients booked for a sedation, oral surgery or hygiene appointment 3 working days prior to treatment. For all routine dental appointments we will try to contact patients the day before treatment, if the appointment was booked over 4 weeks ago. Please ensure your contact details are up to date.

    Are you currently taking on NHS patients?2018-07-06T07:40:00+00:00

    Please call our friendly reception team who will be able to advise of the current availability of NHS places.
    Same day emergency appointments are available on a private basis for people who are not registered at the clinic.

    What is the difference between NHS and Private Dental Treatments?2018-07-06T07:41:22+00:00

    NHS treatments are often limited in their range. During private treatment materials of a higher quality are used to produce a higher quality denture or crown which provides a better fit and aesthetic.
    Due to the NHS guidelines we can only treat children under the age of 12 years using simple sedation (gas and air) on the NHS. We offer sedation (intravenous) for patients over the age of 12 years, there is a band 2 NHS charge unless the patient is exempt from dental charges. We can offer advanced sedation for patients under 12 years and adults on a private basis. Because of the way the NHS sedation fees are structured, private sedition’s can carry on much longer and more work can be accomplished during a visit.

    What is the difference between GA, Sedation and LA?2018-07-06T07:42:11+00:00

    In the past GA (General Anaesthetic) was frequently prescribed to carry out dental procedures while a patient was unconscious. However since the end of 2001 this option has been banned from general dental practice by the Department of Health and can now only be carried out in a hospital.
    During the past few years sedation techniques have evolved and surpassed the need for GA in dentistry. During sedation the patients are conscious but they are not aware of any pain and have no recollection of the dental procedure. This technique is very safe and carried out by our well trained sedation team.
    For patients referred to the clinic for minor oral surgery (MOS) we offer conscious sedation or LA (Local Anaesthetic). LA involves numbing the treatment area with a medication called a local anaesthetic; you will not be able to feel any pain although you may feel some pressure or movement.

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    Chartwell Dental Sedation Clinic is a long established dental practice offering high quality general and cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages. Our highly-skilled team offer a wide choice of treatments, including aesthetic dentistry to enhance your smile, dental implants to provide permanent replacements for missing teeth, and sedation for our more nervous patients With a warm and caring approach, our relaxed atmosphere helps even the most nervous patients to feel relaxed and at ease when visiting us.

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