Professional Dentist Referrals

We accept referrals from dentists for various specialist services that Chartwell Dental offers. Our referrals work under two referral criteria – NHS & Private Dental Services.

NHS referrals are ONLY accepted from dentists for specific cases covered by the Hertfordshire NHS Trust. Only dentists can refer patients to us for services covered under the NHS criteria.

All other services will generally be performed as private dental consultations or services. If you are a dentist and require further information, kindly call us on: 01923 244133. Alternatively, you can email us on: [email protected] – kindly ensure you include your practice name, contact details and your enquiry.

NHS Referral Services
  • Examinations

  • Diagnosis, advice and X-rays

  • Fluoride varnish & fissure sealant

  • Further treatment planning
  • Filling & Tooth Extraction

  • Crowns, Dentures & Bridges

Private Dentistry Referrals
  • Dental Implants (Southern & Ankylos Implant Systems

  • Endodontist Services
  • Orthodontic Services (Invisalign)
  • Periodontal Services
  • Sedation

  • Minor Oral Surgery (difficult tooth & wisdom teeth extraction)