Emergency Referrals

What to do if you have attempted an extraction and you just can’t do it?

How to refer the patient urgently via the new referral management system (RMS)

1. Log the patient onto the RMS as normal and obtain the URN number.
2. Ring Chartwell Dental Clinic on: 01923 244133 and explain the situation and ask if we are able to take on the failed extraction and provide us with the URN number.
3. Chartwell Dental Clinic will then ring the FDS Consultants (the RMS service providers) telephone no: 01925 755835 and ask them to forward the referral directly to us bypassing the triaging system.
4. Chartwell Dental Clinic would then have the referral form to continue with the patient as they wish i.e. see them on the same day or make an alternative urgent appointment for them when possible.